Sew For Victory

Sew For Victory!

Unpacking makes for some boring blogging, but it needs to be done so I can set up my sewing area. Johanna gave me this sign yesterday and I’m using it as motivation. I’m chomping at the bit to do some paper piecing, but there’s a series of things that need to get done before I can get cracking on that. I put one heavy foot in front of the other this afternoon and made a big dent in my sewing room/guest room.

Tiki Mugs and a empty spot

I unpacked the Tiki Mug collection and hung them in our eating nook. So cute. I like the word, “nook” much better than the phrase, “dining room”. I also found my little peeg butter dish. Hooray! My mom and sister really packed up things well.

Unpacking that box opened up a spot on the floor. I have not seen that much floor in that room since we moved in. A few more hours of moving stuff around and cleaning things up and I should be able to set up my machine and get the motor running. I’m going to put the table right under the window so there’s always natural light to work with and take photos with. The window faces north. BONUS.

My creative space is coming along slowly. And this guy isn’t helping one bit.

Vampire Teef

While he’s terrible with moving furniture, he has mastered the art of opening up the linen cupboard in the nook and laying in all the table cloths, he’s also been acting as an alarm clock the last couple of weeks in the morning and he flashes his vampire teef, so he’s earning his keep in other ways.

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