Sewing animal heads

Fabric Fox Faces

So, that was fun! I picked up my buddy, Cathy, and we headed into Vancouver to sew up some foxy faces at the Croatian Cultural Centre. We rented a room in that very busy venue and were super lucky to have booked the same day as some kind of Lunar New Year celebration. This means there were food vendors right next door, so we grabbed some delicious salad rolls with prawns and peanut sauce and continued on sewing. We never made it to Relish, which is a bummer, but it was POURING rain and YUCK. Who wants to walk in THAT? EW. Nobody. We all had Chinese New Year lunch! And that reminds me, Chinese New Year parade is next week. We’ll be going to the parade this year, I think.

Anyway, I got 1 regular fox (shown above) and 3/4 of a huge fox done today. I’ll show you that one when I’m finished it. I made him white. He’s an Arctic Fox. I really got the hang of this pattern. This is the pattern we used. I didn’t put glasses on my foxes, but some people did and they looked adorable. And more than one person completed her quilt top. That means they made 4 quilt blocks in one class.

I can only wish that one day I can quilt that quickly. However, I’m just super happy that I didn’t cut off any ear tips or nose tips today! YES!

I had another early morning today. I’ve had plenty of early mornings these days. And this morning, I wandered on a beach in Tsawwassen.

Good morning, Tsawwassen!

I can’t say I’m a morning person yet.

I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.

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