Sewing has commenced!

Oh happy day! I started sewing again. I was experiencing heavy sewing resistance the last few weeks, but that’s all behind me now. I found a cute little quilt-as-you-go pouch pattern and am looking forward to putting it all together. I like this pattern because the quilting happens with each strip – a quarter inch of quilting on each one. I guess that’s the way to do a small quilted piece. I’ll remember that for my next small piece. Once I get these two pouches sewn up, I’ll get back to quilting up the big scrappy quilt I’m about a third of the way through.

Also, I’m sticking to my scrappy style of sewing for the next little while. I’ve decided. I’m totally scrappy and I like it.

One of my swap partners listed her preferences about colour and style like this:

Faves? pink, orange, purple
Least faves? bold, funky, bright, clear colors

I hope I can keep the funky down on this project. But I wonder, who wants less funky? I love the funk! We want the funk! Just like George Clinton in the 70’s. I’ll do my best.

Meanwhile, the neighbour’s kitty, Cesar, was having a little munch on the grassy pieces in the front yard in between spring rain showers.

Speaking of out front…last night, when I left the house to go pick up Mike from work, a bat flew out of our front entrance. I’m pretty sure I know where he lives – there’s a little cranny right above the front door, perfect for a little bat to hang out in. So, in addition to hummingbirds, it looks like we have bats, or at least, A bat. I know bats are good bug control, so I won’t call the authorities. I don’t like the idea of bats flying around my head, though. Just the thought of a bat flapping around in my hair…oh. No. I just might get him his own bat house so he doesn’t damage the house. I saw bat houses at the local garden store, so I should pick one up.


  1. Brenda says:

    Cute pincushion! Have you ever done a jelly roll quilt top? Interesting patterns naturally develop through the process.

    Another interesting craft is Quilt Magic. Nice project results without a huge time commitment .

    As for bats….yucky little creatures but, yes, they are good at the job of insect control. They do carry disease though so you want to control them.

  2. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    Not to scare you or anything, but if you’re living with a bat, you, Mike & the cats should get your tetnus updated. if it scratches or bites you, it’s a nightmare. (I know, my step dad is a Doc & my son had a run in with a bat-they had to catch it & send it off for testing to Alberta to see if they needed to get shots for all the people & horses who were on the property.)

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