Sewing success

Today I had the whole day to myself up in my sewing room. Mike went to work and I cut fabric, sewed, pressed and sewed some more. I’ve been wanting to sew up a Union Jack since 2012 and finally met that goal today.

I used the Busy Bee Quilt Designs:Victory Garden pattern. I really focused and went through each step slowly. So slowly it took me about 5 hours to make the two blocks. They’re big ones – I didn’t measure each finished block, but they seem to be the size of a sheet of copy paper – 8 1/2 X 11 inches.

While the end results aren’t quite perfect, they are close enough for me to be happy with them! What did I do differently this time? I used these two tools:

Best Press and Wonder Clips

Best Press (it’s some kind of starch spray) and Wonder Clips. Those clips are quicker than pinning – very helpful.

I’m not quite sure just yet how I’m going to use these blocks. I have quilt guild homework to do for the the upcoming mini-modern quilt challenge next month. Maybe these will work? Maybe not? I haven’t decided yet.

I’m just glad I got these done! I wish I didn’t need to sleep because I want to make more and more and more flags.

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