Shave and a haircut…

Two bits! I got my hair did.

Photo by Mike!Photo by Mike!

Metrotown is fast becoming one of my favourite places to frequent. No one is more surprised than I am about that turn of events. I used to avoid that place like the plague. This mall is infinitely better when you don’t have to deal with parking shenanigans. I headed over after work on the skytrain to get a haircut and was in and out of the “beauty salon” in about half an hour. Metrotown is en-route to Surrey, so that works out great.

Since you can’t stop at Metrotown without stopping for fancy yogurt (or maybe that’s just me), I picked up two containers to go and hopped right back on to the train and headed home. Fruity poppers on the train were tempting, but I kept the lid on the yogurts until I got home.

Once home, Mike, Malcolm & I enjoyed the hockey game, watching the Canucks win it in the comfort of our living room with the new double paned glass windows, keeping us snug and warm.

I declare this day a success!

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