Sasquatch sighting downtown.

Today on my way back from a sales call…yes…I go on sales calls now. Like a grown up! YIKES! Anyway, in the alley by the The Red Room on Richards street right near Gastown are walls and walls of graffiti. This is the first time I’ve had a Sasquatch sighting, so he must be newish. I’ve been down this alley plenty and Vincent Van Gogh is always there, head floating above a dumpster, looking down on the road below. I wasn’t able to see who the artist was who made this awesome creature. Can’t talk, gotta run…you know how it is.

I will make an effort to go back and see if I can find something – a signature or initial, or some kind of tag. I love the graffiti! He’s huge…I’d say about 7 feet tall? Just a big as Shaquille O’Neal. Whoa! That’s tall!

Also accomplished today? Over 10,000 steps! I am kind of amazed at how just being aware of walking makes me walk more. I think that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but I never really believed that’s how it works. I’ve been listening to a “nutritional movement” podcast and that is also very interesting. She’s a biomechanic and she’s transformed her house into a modern caveman house. She doesn’t have any furniture – just one short table she writes on (while she sits cross-legged), she does all her food prep on the floor (it’s better for your body to squat and or/sit and then have to get up over and over) and they sleep on a sleeping mat without pillows. And she doesn’t sound like a crazy person, it just seems like she’s a little bonkers, but really, it’s all science. Also, bare feet.

I did try sleeping without a pillow for a few months, and it was okay. But I started using  a pillow again when we went back to Nova Scotia as a “treat”. LOLS. I am back on the pillow.

I am such a comfort seeker.

I realized that when we were watching The Revenant last night. That poor guy literally had NO comfort, except for the time he got to sleep inside his dead horse. OOF. And then I realized lots of early settlers to North America lived like that – in freezing cold temperatures, no rain boots, walking in freezing cold weather, having to eat whatever they could find or hunt themselves. That was a tough, tough life.

There was not a single electric blanket in sight!

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