Steveston in the Mist

This is what happens when you have kitties that start singing for their breakfasts at 4:45 am. By 7:30 you’re wide awake and ready to start your day. Well, perhaps I wasn’t WIDE awake, but Mike sure was and really wanted to get the day started. I rolled out of bed and we were soon out the door for pancakes.

By 8:15 we were on the road to Steveston. We were definitely the early birds in this spot. So early, in fact, that nothing was open. It turns out most of the stores, bakeries, coffee shops and other touristy things open up at 10 or 11. One shop had a sign that said, “Open on Saturdays: 10 am-ish” LOLS! At least they’re honest.

The good news is that there was plenty of parking and no crowds.

The mist made everything hazy and lovely and a little bit wet. The boardwalk was slippery and my hair was flat on my head in about 2 minutes. Despite the danger of wiping out and being seen in public with flat, wet, hair, the walk was well worth it.

We walked for about an hour in the mist, saying good morning to the people walking their dogs, going for jogs and fishing off the piers.

Sadly, the little Japanese cottage, the Murakami House, on the boardwalk was closed until noon. We’ll have to go back another day after 12 o’clock. And if we wait until late spring, we’ll be able to see the yellow irises by the water.

Plenty more misty photos here for your viewing pleasure.

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