Still kicking

A very still fly

Even though the sweet peas are still going pretty strong, I found a couple of very slow moving flies just hanging out on some of the dying blossoms.

Very slow

I got very close and neither of them moved. It was only when poked the plant near them that they moved at all. And they just went back to what they were doing. I think they were a little bit chilly. It is getting cooler in the evenings and I there were sprinkles of rain tonight.  Oh yah. I forgot we live in a temperate rainforest. We’ve had a good long stretch of warm, dry days.

There still are some sweet peas still going strong, though.

Still going strong

They still smell good, too.

Pink sweet peas

So, it looks like things are winding down in the garden. Maybe I could do a little fall or winter gardening this year? Time to do a little research on that. Or I could just plant some bulbs for spring.

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