Hand stitches

I haven’t worked all that much on this mug rug, but I think I like this whole hand stitching thing! I got into the rhythm of one at a time stitching and soon I had filled in the area I was working on. I like how it turned out with with the little ridges and bumps. I can see myself making more of these things. Actually, I know it’s pretty trendy right now, but I can see myself making one of these hexagon quilts…little by little…it would be lovely.

But back to the mug rug – I tried out some swirls and you can definitely tell which one I did first. My third one was definitely the roundest.

Curly cues!

The one in the middle is my third one. It’s the prettiest. I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not, but after looking at them today, I think they’re okay and I’ll add a couple more for good measure…and then…I think it will be time to bind it!

Nearly done!

And I will finish this one! I really will! I’m nearly done. I can do EET! I will push through and this will be my first completed project for 2013.

Next up? A 16 inch by 16 inch modern block pillow. I’m going to make a wonky-on-purpose pillow. I’ll have it ready for the April quilt guild meeting. Will I hand quilt the top? Maybe! And I’ll make it envelope style. I love that kind of pillow.


  1. Andrea says:

    Looks great, Carol! I really liked that hexagon one you posted, I would like to try one like that. I would also like to try some hand quilting! I made some dresden plates by hand but haven’t actually quilted the “quilt sandwich” yet by hand!

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