Terra Cotta Warriors

I’ve spotted some Terracotta Warriors this week in various states of paintedness. They are a huge step up from those painted bears from years gone by.

If I were to paint a picture of Donner and Oscar swatting and batting each other, this is exactly how I would paint it – if I could paint, that is. Since I can’t, I sure am glad this artist painted these tigers slapping each other.


I should have taken a photo of the placard, but I’m pretty sure the artist is Kathy Zhang and the warrior is named “TWELVE”. I’ll verify this because I should be more diligent giving credit where credit is due. I’ll go back and do that.

In other news, I’m getting used to my new schedule – riding a half empty bus to and from work. It’s awesome. Even the streets are quieter just an hour or so after most people get off work. Tonight the weather was warm and smelled like almost summer. Fresh, warm, air.

At this time of year, I’m almost tulip-ed out, but I not where there’s a bowler hat involved in the background. I am REALLY enjoying seen the trendy men out and about these days. I cannot get enough of their bow ties, their high water pants, and their oldy-time hats. Quite enjoyable. Maybe an artist decorated a Terracotta Warrior as a groovy hipster. I will keep my eyes peeled for that one!

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