That’s a wrap!

One good thing about staying to the end of an event? Chances are really good that you get to keep one of the flower arrangements. YES I did! I had to put it really high up, though. It has lilies in it – not a kitty friendly flower. It smells great.

I did take a coffee break during the portfolio show, and after checking my emails on my telephone computer, (which happened to be full of birthday wishes, by the way. Thank YOU.) I found this decapitated Homer Simpson head on top of a dumpster in Gastown. I wonder how it got there and I wonder why someone would take the head off Homer? I don’t understand it. I also don’t understand this.

I guess when it’s time to check your messages, you just stop wherever you are and have a gander. I hope she wasn’t sitting on the bike lane – she does look dangerously close to it. Bike riders really don’t tolerate obstacles in their lanes very well, or at least the times I was in the way they sure didn’t. In any event, you just never know what you’ll see in Gastown.

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