The blue electric bike

This photo has been changed (thanks to photoshop) into a faux painting in celebration of my invitation to join the students’ art selection committee today. The school is going to have a rotation of art in and around the school using the students’ creations and I was asked to be on that committee. Hooray!

This little electric bike was parked out in the pouring rain tonight. It was so cute, and I’m sure it was fun earlier today when it wasn’t raining buckets. Poor Larry. He showed me his bike helmet and told me he was going to take the bike back home. In the soup.

In other news, I’ve got two things I need to take care of on the weekend. 1) Watch Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and 2) Watch the Russell Peters DVD that Annie loaned me about 4 months ago. I’ve never seen either of them. I know! How is this possible? I’m not sure!

This week is getting better and better. Our entertainment is all covered for this weekend. Perhaps I should start up the entertainment committee next.

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