The fabric edition.


Yesterday’s shopping trip included a massive score. It was my first trip ever to a GoodWill store (we don’t have those in Canada) and I have to say, it was very nice. There was no stale, thick, thrift store smell many of them have, and there was a mix of new stuff and used stuff, all very organized.

SAD side note: NO CHRISTMAS section. Ah boo!

Anyway, I spotted an entire bolt of this blue flowered fabric on top of a shelf. It was gigantic. How gigantic? This gigantic.

Up 2 sets of stairsI started unrolling it in the kitchen, rolled it through the front hallway, and up two sets of stairs all the way into my craft room. And the best part? It was $10. Score! Cynthia & I decided to share it since neither one of us have 5 couches to reupholster. What will I do with my half? I’ll be making a laptop bag, and then I think I just may make some curtains for the basement window. I will stretch out my $5 fabric score, that’s for sure.

This fabric is quite heavy – it feels kind of like canvas? I’m not sure of the correct term for this type of fabric, but it’s heavy and hearty. Definitely not something you’d want to sleep under, but something you could put your feet on. HEY! Perhaps I’ll recover my square little foot stool. This blue and green won’t really match anything in the livingroom, but what the heck? That dirty old cover needs to be replaced.

In other news, remember that Halloween quilt top I made last March? This one.

Donner on the new quilt top

Today I cut it up into 9 inch wide strips and cut 4.5 inch strips in black and sewed them up like this:

Donner approved.

This quilt top has been Donner approved.

This is much better! I need to add the border and then quilt sandwich it. I think I’ll make the border black and then I have to figure out what to do on the back.

Close up

I won’t worry too much about the back. I will just pick something and then roll with it.

I just want to get it finished. And put it on the bed!


  1. Cynthia says:

    lol that is a ton of fabric- your eagle eye scored us a great deal! I think we could recover 5 couches each and still have some leftover lol! Yay!! And love your halloween quilt top- so cool!

  2. Jean says:

    What an awesome find! You just may have to redecorate everything to go with it! And a great move on the Halloween quilt. Can’t wait til you bring it for show & tell!

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