The neighbour’s tulips

DARN. Every time this year I think, “Why didn’t I plant tulips last fall? CRAP!”. You’d think there was no such thing as a calendar or any such thing as, “planning ahead.” But this fall? I’m planting the tulips! I’m putting it in my google calendar immediately.

I had a lovely restful day and have been playing a game called, “Castleville” way too much and watching all the Royal Family specials on the TLC (normally The Loony Channel in my books, but today it’s The Lovely Channel).

Tomorrow will be more productive as the lawn mower will be out of the garage for the first time this season, AND it looks like I’ll be cleaning the washing machine. I was wondering why the towels have been smelling funny after only one use and earlier this week I put on a shirt that smelled funny. Turns out it looks like it’s time to get the mildew out of the machine. It rains here a lot, so mold is not unusual in these parts. Rather than using bleach, which I’m sure I’d spill on my limited work wear clothes – I’m adding stuff like pantyhose (ew) and shirts with collars to my repertoire these days – I’ll be using this vinegar method. It looks easy enough. And hopefully it will resolve this off-putting, smelly problem. I don’t think I’ll be going as far as using vinegar as a fabric softener. I’m pretty sure that will make the smell problem worse. I do have a few more office mates these days than I did before AND Mike works on a floor with many, many coworkers, so smelling like something you dip your fries into probably won’t go over well.

Or, maybe it would. Maybe we’d make new friends that way! We’d be super popular on the bus, now that I think about it.

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  1. cathy L says:

    Really it is only bleach that works Carol. Give the interior a good scrubbing, then fill you machine with hot water, soap and bleach, let it go through a short wash cycle. I have never had mold in my machine, but then I do bleach my cleaning and dish clothes when I wash them and I never use water softener because we already have soft water here on the coast.

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