“The Queen of Autumn”

My buddy Kelaine called me the Queen of Autumn last week or so and I’ve been thinking of it ever since. I think I’ll need a proper crown for that title. I can make one.

Other things I’ve been thinking about? Winston Churchill, who said,

We are all worms, but I do believe I am a glowworm.

A glowworm who smoked a fat cigar! Heh. I stumbled on that quote today. Very nice.

Today was a rainy, grey day. In my travels, I found this reflection of a playground sign in the sidewalk.

And all kinds of hearts in this tree.


And…I’m very close to finishing my now named “Modern Amish” quilt. I just have one more panel to sew and it’s done? I like how it’s looking, but it’s not “quilt show quality” – there’s a few points that don’t quite match. And, it’s an odd size – long and skinny. I’ll have to contend with that later. I’ll have to add some fabric to the width. I’ll show you tomorrow!

Once I’m finished the top, the only sewing I’ll be doing is for the craft fair. It’s time to get into high gear on that front for sure.


  1. Schnookie says:

    The hearts in the tree! ::SWOON!!!:: And I have to pipe up to say that quote from Winston Churchill has long been one of my very favorite quotes ever. Pookie and I used to work in a horrible, horrible call center, and they had a little whiteboard at the entrance on which one of the managers liked to write “inspirational” quotes. We begged to get to pick the quotes for a while, and one day we went with that one. Well. It was not a very imaginative group of people there, because they were not pleased with the whole “worm” part. The quote was quickly erased and replaced with something banal and utterly uninspiring, and Pookie and I never got to pick the quote again. (Isn’t that a great story? The moral of it is that you are a far, far better person than the ones we worked with that time, because you too are a glowworm! :D)

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