The tiniest of complaints

Oof. Come on.

Welcome, Summer!

I don’t like to complain (on my blog. Heh.) especially when we live in a peaceful country with fresh air and trees for miles and miles. Also, the amount of water we’re currently experiencing is much less than the good people of Calgary had last week. However, we are kind of expecting summer in these parts. And, well, it’s just not happening.

Boots and an umbrella

Rubber boots AND an umbrella today.

Just a few days before the first long weekend of the summer and this person is wearing boots AND carrying an umbrella. Come on, sun! I thought we had an agreement. Even the weather network said we’d see you today. And then for the rest of the week.

Two more


Hopefully we’ll have some real summer weather tomorrow. I can keep hoping! On the plus side, it has been more humid and warmer than usual, so it does feel a little tropical. That’s pretty close to being summer-like, so I’ll keep waiting.

One more sleep until the long weekend begins! I’ll take it easy on Saturday (as far as activities go. We will still celebrate Faturday at IHOP. Yay!) because we have a destination wedding to shoot on Sunday. And that destination is Squamish! Dreamy.

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