Today I…

Thank you gift!

took photos of these flowers I received as a thank you this past week. It never fails. I always leave the Quilting Bee with more than I came there with.

Today I…


…bought these. I can start my little herb garden in the backyard this summer. They do look nice in the kitchen, though. Temporarily. They’ll get better care out in the backyard when it rains. Mind you, they do tend to do well with human neglect, so if my past couple of years of ungardening has any prediction of of the future, these guys will do just fine.

Today I…

Made a pendant

…made this pendant with my buddies, Monica and Nancy. We each made one out of a washer, some paper, some kind of jewelry glue that dries really hard and shiny.

It’s been a good day! And it’s not even close to being finished. We’ve got a late night Bladezilla hockey game to shoot. They play at 9:30 tonight. Woohoo! Out late on a school night, even. I think Mike will be bringing the GoPro video camera, so there will be video footage of the game. They’re playing the BullDogs tonight in the Finals. Should be a good game! And a bit scrappy if I remember correctly. At least yelly…and sweary…all the things that make a good game.

Bring on the penalties! And the yelling at the refs!

That always gives me a cheap thrill for some reason – to hear and see the guys that yell at the “officials”. Heh.

Tough guys!

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