Today on Granville Island

Today at Granville Island

Today I ventured out to Granville Island. It poured rain for the majority of the time I was there, and, even though I left at 3:00, I was stuck in rush hour traffic all the way home. STILL! It was a nice visit and I enjoyed some fresh fruit from a far away land (I think it was California) and visited the quilt store. I refrained from purchasing any more fabric, books or patterns, but I was very tempted to buy some shiny, turquoise Italian thread. Somehow I managed to stay strong and didn’t buy it.

I came home and made another 3 inch block with the fabric I do have. At this rate, I won’t need to buy thread or fabric for YEARS!

Our current TV show of choice these days is called, Fresh of the Boat. It’s a show about a Chinese family that move to Orlando and run a steak house. It’s hilarious. It’s full of rap! And two, cute little Asian kids. They are adorable.

AND I cleaned the top of the fridge off. Wow. It was dusty and hairy up there. The cats love laying up there, I think because of the heat. One more thing ready for Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is next Monday – February 8th. On that day there is no:

– taking out the garbage,
– brooming (vacuuming) or
– washing your hair that day.

I am all over Monday.

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