Whatcha doin’?

What are you doing?

Donner is a curious little guy. I think he’s mostly just looking for food, but whenever I’m in the kitchen, he’s not far at all – sometimes meowing, sometimes just watching. Little guy’s intense.

Pink Gerberas. Dreamy.

I was taking photos of some kitty-safe flowers – gerbera daisies – I picked up today with some groceries. I think I’m going to eat more lentils. They’re supposed to be good for you and, if seasoned correctly, very tasty. I picked up some cans tonight after work, but ended up eating the baked beans for dinner instead. Baked beans are so good sometimes.

No food? Not sticking around for that.

Since I was only taking photos of flowers (no cans of food involved), Donner quickly lost interest.

I’ve got a big work thing tomorrow night – a program advisory committee meeting where we invite employers to come to the school and ask them their opinions about improving curriculum so grads get the right education to find jobs. Very grown up! It will be a late one tomorrow, and I get to start later, so great news! I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yes!

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