While I was waiting…

for a ride from my pals, Cathy and Phyllis, I took photos on the corner while I waited.

I think these tiny daisies are considered a weed of some sort, but I do like them when they appear in amongst the buttercups. And I do feel badly for that one, mangy, dirty old flower in there. Poor little thing.

Speaking of dirty old things, I found a slimy ball in the grass.

I’m pretty sure a dog dropped it after many throws of catch.

I touch that button every day. This is the first time I ever thought of how many other fingers have been on that thing. Yuck. I don’t think I should have watched, Contagion. That movie has ruined bus rides for me. Speaking of contagion, I saw a lady on the bus today wearing a big, white, floppy hat, a scarf over her nose and mouth, a long sleeved shirt and white gloves. As she got off the bus, she pulled her hat down over her ears with one hand and covered her mouth with the other gloved hand. Maybe SHE saw Contagion, too. *shudder*

And before I knew it, my pals arrived!

Oh hey, guys!

I didn’t have to wait long at all.

Wait, you know what I nearly forgot? The sun came out today! Hooray!


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