Yes please.

Any of those cities would be lovely, thanks!

I dropped Mike off at the airport this morning at 6 am-ish…very early. Before I went home, I went up the stairs to the Public Observation Area, just to see what I could see. This is what I saw in the early hours of the morning.

The sun was shining (hooray!) and all was pretty quiet up there. There were a few people around and lots of plaques to read about the history of the airport, but I wasn’t able to focus on the information – too early. But I did look at the tiny airport model.

Cute! Those teensy planes are adorable. I think I’ll go back up there before I pick up Mike when he gets home in about 2 weeks and a read the plaques. I’ll get my coffee first next time. There were choices for coffee available and and I opted for the coffee shop with the screamy cashiers – which I realized after I placed my order. Unfortunately the cashiers were really excited and yelled out all their orders.

At 6 am?



  1. Schnookie says:

    I am reading this early enough in the morning that I thought you said you went to the coffee shop with the screaming cash registers. That could possibly be even worse than the cashiers. And imagine if both were screaming? ::shudder:: (I also thought at first that the model airport was just the most insane tilt-shift photo EVER. Man, I need some screaming coffee right now.)

    I hope Mike has a great vacation, and that you have a great staycation with the kitties! I loved your point in yesterday’s post that you don’t worry about getting bored — getting bored is for losers. 😀

  2. Jean says:

    Those cashiers had probably injected the caffeine straight into their veins to get hyped for the way-to-early shift!

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