ZOMG I’m on the internets.

Guess what? More 12X12 Film Marathon information. I was interviewed by Dave Gerry for TelusTV (Mike’s cool with that even though he works at Shaw.) and oh happy day! I didn’t get left on the cutting room floor. How did that happen? I guess they wanted to highlight someone in bad need of a tan on their show. Seriously, my face is white, white, white.

Here’s where I got mentioned: (SNORT! I don’t think this post could be more self-centered if I tried at this point.)

1:54 is my High Road photo

2:08 – my interview. I hope you notice my wide open eyes. I don’t really talk like this, do I? Also, I don’t ever recall using the word, “intolerant” before, let alone, “low light conditions”. I think the problem here is that I was trying to “act natural”. Oh boy.

But on the plus side, I can’t very well ask people to do things I’m not able to do, so I felt compelled to accept this invitation for an on-camera interview. I guess this means now I can ask even more people to take their photos.

Enjoy the video! All kinds of participants are interviewed and they highlighted various photos in it, too. 4 minutes well spent for sure.


  1. michelle says:

    you’re famooooose!! and i love the way you apologize when you’re calling film intolerant! i’d love to paticipate in something like 12×12, but i’m so used to taking 10 shots to get a good one, just one shot that i couldn’t review/delete/retake umpteen times would be a serious challenge!

  2. Kelaine says:

    Your high road pic is actually freaking gorgeous.

    And I didn’t think you sounded pretentious. Thats how everyone I know speaks… 🙂

  3. Denise says:

    You did very well Carol! We’re always the most critical of our own selves, and they must have thought you did well because, as you said, ‘it didn’t end up on the cutting room floor”!

  4. Leah says:

    I finally watched this. I think you did fine! It does sound like you (sorry). Maybe a little more squeeky than you usually sound, but not much. You sound intelligent and informed. You also sound excited, like you are on a bit of adrenalyn. (I kinda suspect you were.)

    It is always weird to see and hear oneself recorded. I was on TV once. I was a totaly geeky and nerdy. Right horrid.

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