Another collaboration

Ta da! Framed Art!

Tonight on my way home from work, a number called that I didn’t recognize, but I answered the phone anyway. I didn’t recognize the voice on the other end and judging by the way the person was talking, it was one of those one of those robots that call you and tell you you just won some phoney bologna contest. I was just about to say, “Oh. Shut up, robot!” and hang up, but just before the words came out of my mouth, I realized, OH MY GOD! It’s my buddy, Johanna He-MAN-Way! My darling watercolour picture must be ready. *PHEW!* Good thing for that split second before I slammed the phone down on my friend.

Side note: You can’t REALLY slam your phone down anymore. The old rotary phones were awesome to slam in a huff, but an iPhone? You’re only hurting yourself and your phone if you’re slamming that. Another great thing is made obsolete! Phone slamming! Modern living is so civilized.

Anyway, I got to pick up my beautifully framed watercolour tonight. Last Tuesday, I went over to the Framing Department at Michael’s where Johanna works and carefully selected the red mat (which I love!) and the red frame (which I also love) with her. You can’t tell from this photo, but the red mat has the texture of linen.

This cheerful picture is hanging front and centre in our kitchen. We will love seeing her granny bun and jack-o-lantern all year long.

Thanks again to Tami for the watercolour and to Johanna for making the perfect frame for my kitchen art!

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