Fancy diffuser thingie with lights

This Christmas I got some Amazon dollars and I bought myself a fancy diffuser thingy that is also a fancy light that switches colours. Here’s a selection of colourful night time lights.

Diffuser. With lights.

I have started a new nighttime ritual. This is it, broken down in steps.

  1. Once I get home from work, I turn the heat on in the bedroom.
  2. Put the diffuser on with the “night time” essential oils in it. It’s a combination of chamomile and lavender oils and it smells very lovely and soothing. I can set the diffuser for 6 hours and then it automatically shuts off.
  3. Turn on the new heated blanket we picked up with our Sears Christmas money. ZOMG. We were able to get the softest (micro fleece) blanket that is filled warm goodness. So soft and snuggly.
  4. Close the door to keep the heat in.
  5. Go to sleep in the dreamiest of all the beds. So warm. So soft.

Editor’s Note: We live in Vancouver, not in the wintery winter part of Canada. It barely gets below zero in our part of the country, so this may seem like overkill. Actually, typing it out, it really does look like overkill.

Oh well. It’s cozy, comfy. And…


Good night.

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