Welcome friends

Welcome Friends!

I found this sad little birdhouse and sign in our teensy backyard. This is not a complaint! There is not a single lawn we have to mow, so I’m happy with that! I guess I’m not the gardener I thought I was. I hated mowing the lawn, and even though the Lynn Valley Garden Club president told us that “mowing the lawn is not gardening”, I still kinda feel like it is. Plus, I had the inside info that she was a little unhappy that certain community organizations would contact the gardening club on a regular basis to do their gardening, but what they really wanted was to get their lawn mowed by volunteers.

ANYWAY, I’ll worry about the backyard birdhouse later. Actually, I’ll put that on my list of New Years Resolutions. Speaking of which, here’s my entire list of New Years Resolutions…

Welcome Friends! WONKY!

1) Fix the “Welcome Friends” birdhouse so it sits upright.
2) Never say or write, “I’m going to unpack and/or organize my craft room” ever again. I’ll just let you know when I’ve done it. Cross my heart.
3) When I think, “Hey, I wonder what (first name, last name) is up to?” NEVER check their facebook page. I got dumped by 2 people I really liked and that’s how I found that out this week. It’s just better not know. I’ll know when he/she updates his/her status and leave it at that.
4) Do a load of laundry the SECOND the new washer and dryer are hooked up on Sunday. Cannot. Wait. My first load of laundry will be the striped duvet cover.

These are pretty good resolutions. And I’m pretty sure I can do them – especially since half of them include the words, “don’t & never”.

I’m all over it.


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