Christmas lights are down.

The lights came down today.

It’s February 2nd and I pulled the Christmas lights down today. I have to say we hadn’t turned them on since January 2nd, so that makes it okay. Mike stapled them to the car port and that was a great idea because they hardly required any effort to pull down. They just popped off!

I was thinking we could keep them up until Chinese New Year, but that’s pushing it. Hey! That’s this week! Year of the Monkey coming right up. That reminds me, it’s a long weekend coming up. Yay! Oh wait. I’ve already had the whole week off.

AND, we got mystery mail today.

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Tulips already!

Woohoo! Today I got flowers! YES! And delicious Mexican lunch in New Westminster! My buddy, Viki, took me for lunch to Taqueria Playa Tropical. I will go back there again! I had enchiladas with the green sauce (not the red sauce) and it was SO. GOOD. I don’t think we have to cross the border now to have great Mexican food. This place was great.

The job hunt continues and this is why I don’t really want to blog these days. has become my new Facebook. Yup. I am applying and applying and have a job interview this week, so the hunt continues and that’s all I want to say about that. For now. I think I had better come up with a theme or a word a day thing so I have a nice distraction from the, “today in looking for a job…”. I’ll find some sort of task of the day to do for the next little while. Yah. That will help! I do like to do daily updates, keep using my photo skills and writing stuff. I just need a different focus for the next little while.

Another LEGO advent calendar? HEH. Count down to spring? Hmmm…How many Christmas cards have I sent out? Valentine cards? There’s plenty to do.

I’ll figure out something.

Thinking Cap is on and I’m off to do a google search next!

Sewing animal heads

Fabric Fox Faces

So, that was fun! I picked up my buddy, Cathy, and we headed into Vancouver to sew up some foxy faces at the Croatian Cultural Centre. We rented a room in that very busy venue and were super lucky to have booked the same day as some kind of Lunar New Year celebration. This means there were food vendors right next door, so we grabbed some delicious salad rolls with prawns and peanut sauce and continued on sewing. We never made it to Relish, which is a bummer, but it was POURING rain and YUCK. Who wants to walk in THAT? EW. Nobody. We all had Chinese New Year lunch! And that reminds me, Chinese New Year parade is next week. We’ll be going to the parade this year, I think.

Anyway, I got 1 regular fox (shown above) and 3/4 of a huge fox done today. I’ll show you that one when I’m finished it. I made him white. He’s an Arctic Fox. I really got the hang of this pattern. This is the pattern we used. I didn’t put glasses on my foxes, but some people did and they looked adorable. And more than one person completed her quilt top. That means they made 4 quilt blocks in one class.

I can only wish that one day I can quilt that quickly. However, I’m just super happy that I didn’t cut off any ear tips or nose tips today! YES!

I had another early morning today. I’ve had plenty of early mornings these days. And this morning, I wandered on a beach in Tsawwassen.

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I don’t remember it being this gloomy when I took this photo.

Really. Not that gloomy today!

I was up with the sun this morning. I know. It’s Daylight Savings time, and that means the sun is not up all that early. BUT, I was up at 7 am and I think the sun was up after that. I headed out to Ladner and had a coffee. I think I’ll do the same thing tomorrow morning. It was really nice out there and the eagles were all around me. I could visit the eagles all day. Actually, I can’t really do that. The job search must continue.

Good news on that front – I got my test results back and I can type 57 words per minute and I got 83% on my word test. I know. I shouldn’t be bragging about such mad skillz. But seriously? *FIST PUMP IN THE AIR!*

Today on the Facebook, it reminded me of a quote that I put up 7 years ago. I have no idea what was happening that day to make me put a quote up by Joseph Ford Newton (I had to look him up just now.)

“We were not created to be eaten by anxiety, but to walk erect, free, unafraid in a world where there is work to do, truth to seek, love to give and win.” – SOURCE

I’ll be sure to walk erect tomorrow AND to seek my work to do.

And take more photos, I think.

My new office mates

The boss is watching.

Whoa. I got it. APPLY FOR MORE JOBS! Jeez. Oscar is quite the task master. Well, kitty’s gotta eat!

I had a good day of job searching and a teeny bit of schmoozing. I also ran some errands and cleaned the bathroom. I had dinner ready by 6:30 and we were in our pyjamas watching TV by 7:10. Woohoo! Early birds!

Talk about a Gratitude List. I read somewhere that keeping a Gratitude List keeps you positive in times of change, so I might as well start now while I’m feeling positive to begin with.

Tomorrow will be more of the same. And probably on Friday, too. Wait. Haircut on Friday. Mike and I are going together. Adorable, right? Heather will cut our hair assembly line style.  And then this weekend? I’m taking a quilting class with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and we’ll be making this adorable fox quilt block with a bunch of people from that guild. And, I’ll be going for lunch at a place called, Relish. Apparently they serve the best burgers in town. I’ll be the judge of that! Too bad Mike’s going to miss it. He’ll be at work. The burgers, I mean. I don’t think he’d be into sewing foxes.

Hopefully Oscar won’t mind me having a good time on the weekend.


“No guarantees”

Awesome mail alert!

Excellent mail day! My buddy, Lysa, sent me a custom made calendar for the calendar holder she made for me a few years ago. Yah! Our house is rapidly becoming a lysaflower gallery. And I’m happy about that! Her work is cheerful and lovely and makes our place very cozy. Also, she sent along some pretty fabric. That will be used for my future quilting projects for sure.

Sadly, my hobby projects may have to take a bit of a back seat for the next little while, or will they? I’m not sure. I’m not sure about much these days. I am on the hunt for a new job. No explanation is really needed. This is more of an inconvenience than anything. So, I need to focus on that. If I seem distracted, that’s why. If’ I’m not posting here regularly, that’s why. I won’t turn this into a job hunting blog, not to worry. I just want to keep my blog light hearted, friendly, photography, crafty and sewing focused.

So that’s, that.

I have another internet friend who always signs off her newsletter with, ONWARD! And that’s been stuck in my brain since this happened.

So, ONWARD it is! I’m excited to see where I land next. I’ll totally keep you posted.

The eagle that looked like an old turkey vulture

Seriously. He looks like a buzzard.

This juvenile Bald Eagle sure looked grumpy. Maybe he was just hungry and all those darn people and their dogs were chasing away the rodents he needed to eat for lunch. Wait. I just read that he would be called an eaglet and he eats whatever his parents bring him to eat. Oh. Well that explains that. He’s waiting for his parents to bring home some drive thru. I hope it’s Wendy’s. They have the most delicious fries.

So this doesn’t explain these two in the nearby tree.

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We came for the eagles

Bird watching

After a savoury but delicious breakfast with some pals, (I don’t ever feel the need to take photos of my savoury breakfasts for some reason. I just love the sweet looking ones.) Mike and I headed into the heart of Delta farmland and took photos of the eagles (RIP Glenn Fry) at the North 40 Off-Leash Dog Park. The trees were dripping with raptors! Fully grown bald eagles and their juvenile, mottled, brown and white children filled the leafless trees.

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Sasquatch sighting downtown.

Today on my way back from a sales call…yes…I go on sales calls now. Like a grown up! YIKES! Anyway, in the alley by the The Red Room on Richards street right near Gastown are walls and walls of graffiti. This is the first time I’ve had a Sasquatch sighting, so he must be newish. I’ve been down this alley plenty and Vincent Van Gogh is always there, head floating above a dumpster, looking down on the road below. I wasn’t able to see who the artist was who made this awesome creature. Can’t talk, gotta run…you know how it is.

I will make an effort to go back and see if I can find something – a signature or initial, or some kind of tag. I love the graffiti! He’s huge…I’d say about 7 feet tall? Just a big as Shaquille O’Neal. Whoa! That’s tall!

Also accomplished today? Over 10,000 steps! I am kind of amazed at how just being aware of walking makes me walk more. I think that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work, but I never really believed that’s how it works. I’ve been listening to a “nutritional movement” podcast and that is also very interesting. She’s a biomechanic and she’s transformed her house into a modern caveman house. She doesn’t have any furniture – just one short table she writes on (while she sits cross-legged), she does all her food prep on the floor (it’s better for your body to squat and or/sit and then have to get up over and over) and they sleep on a sleeping mat without pillows. And she doesn’t sound like a crazy person, it just seems like she’s a little bonkers, but really, it’s all science. Also, bare feet.

I did try sleeping without a pillow for a few months, and it was okay. But I started using  a pillow again when we went back to Nova Scotia as a “treat”. LOLS. I am back on the pillow.

I am such a comfort seeker.

I realized that when we were watching The Revenant last night. That poor guy literally had NO comfort, except for the time he got to sleep inside his dead horse. OOF. And then I realized lots of early settlers to North America lived like that – in freezing cold temperatures, no rain boots, walking in freezing cold weather, having to eat whatever they could find or hunt themselves. That was a tough, tough life.

There was not a single electric blanket in sight!