Day trip! Road trip!


Today we hopped in the car on a sunny day and hit road for a sunny, Sunday drive. I was determined to get to The Big Yellow Barn to get some fresh veggies and fruit. It had to be done. It’s been a few years since we’ve been out that way during harvest season. So, Mike loaded up his phone with true crime podcasts and we hit the open road.

Today’s adventure made me realize:

  1. After today’s particularly gruesome detailed podcast about a horrific murderer, I think I’m done with the whole true crime thing. I am no longer interested in those kinds of details. I just wanted to come home and hug and kiss the kitties. So I did when we got home.
  2. $25 is a lot for a jar of homemade pickles. Next summer I’ll can my own as well as make my own jam. I have all the gear. I’ll just not be lazy next summer.
  3. Sometimes diners have bad days. And that has an impact on the taste of their pies. Which is too bad. I wanted to love the pie. I also dropped my phone right in my pie while taking a photo, so that may have influenced my enjoyment of said pie. Anyway, not the best pie day and I’ll leave it at that.
  4. We found some llamas on the way home! Yay! They were lovely to see. So we braved the busy Parallel Road and took their photos.

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Sewing and sleeping…

And I helped!

But not in that order. I really slept in this morning. AHHHHHH! Glorious. I get up pretty early during the week days now (5:50 am. OOF.) so when the weekend comes around I’m catching up (or that’s what I tell myself, anyway.). Mike worked today so I had the whole place to myself – and my helpers, of course – so I sewed and sewed and sewed. First off, I finished the Kitchen Sink quilt top. I’ve shown it before. There wasn’t much to finish, just that final, bottom row. DONE! Next up, I’m going to have to sew the backing. I’m going to have to measure the quilt top because it’s huge and then make a trip to Save On Fabric down the street. Also, I need a lot of quilt batting. That will be another weekend’s project.

My helper, Oscar, lounged on the top and let me take his photo.

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One rainy day

At the sails

Today we had a rain day, but apparently tomorrow will be sunny again. I’m not so sure, it really felt like a proper Fall day today. I was wrapped in a scarf and everything! We’ll see about that tomorrow.

AHHH…tomorrow…Friday already! So. Good.

Nothing much else to report other than I went for a delicious, trendy Gastown lunch with my buddy and her son (Ryan!) works at the restaurant and we got plenty of special treatment and excellent service. So THAT is what being famous feels like.


So that’s it. I’m going to be sewing and sleeping this weekend.

I can’t wait.

Witches Brew

Witches Brew!

I got an email today from The Blenderist with a recipe for an anti-cold concoction. But before that, I think we can all agree, her macarons look beautiful and perfect. You can see them HERE. So. Lovely. And vegan! She’s an amazing baker.

Anyway, I decided to try the anti-cold recipe. However, I didn’t want to go to the grocery store to buy fresh lemons or ginger. That’s pretty lazy, all right. I knew I had lots of oranges at home and I was pretty sure I had some ground ginger in my crazy, hoarder, spice cupboard. I really need to clean that out in the near future – just like the other cupboards in the kitchen. I’m not sure how this happened, but some of the cabinets are like the Flintstone’s closet with the bowling ball on the top. They’re becoming dangerous. Time to stop buying kitchen things at the local thrifts.

SO, the anti-cold concoction was created using oranges (I left a couple of pieces with the skin on so it got a really strong orange flavour), 2 herbal tea bags (one was orange spice, the other was camomile. 2 tea bags down, only 45,000 more to use up!) some honey, powdered turmeric and ground ginger (not fresh). I don’t have a high speed blender – just a regular one. I put it on high and let it run for nearly 3 minutes. It actually turned itself off just before the 3 minute mark and there was a bit of a motor running on overdrive kind of smell. OOPS. I poured the blender drink into mugs half full and then topped it up with hot water.

For some reason this cold just won’t go away, so the orange mixture was helpful! Just the push needed to get the cold over with already. Sheesh!

This is The Blenderist’s Cold Buster recipe.

Please note: I tried this recipe out of curiosity. No one asked me to blog about this. It was just timely and helpful. Thanks, Jasmine!

Take 2

Lobster pot holders

I will never need another pair of potholders again! I picked up these ones in Lunenberg this summer. Move over, The Ove Glove, I’ve got the lobster claw oven mitts.

After I made some dinner, I took Fred the Head out of the dishwasher to give him a second try at growing a fro.

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Woohoo! A new look!

While I was at work today, Mike had the day off and clearly, he put his free time to good use. Yay! Thanks, Mike! I had no idea this was in the works at all. Total surprise! Awesome surprise!

Sewing a star

This is great – a fresh start. It feels good. I’ve been slowly cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, so something’s in the air. It’s a good sign when I’m tackling big clean up projects. I cleaned out the freezer on the weekend of all those mystery containers. No idea what some of those things were. Last time I cleaned up the freezer, my mom and sister helped me. The most memorable comment/question asked from one of my “helpers” was, “EW! What is this? It looks like throw up!”. So, I tossed out a few more throw up containers last week. Actually, I composted it and recycled the plastic containers.

Above is my starburst project. I need to sneak in a few stitches tonight before bed because I find it hard to sew, sleep, listen to podcasts and read all at the same time on the skytrain. I’m a pretty good multitasker, but not quite that good.

Now. Back to sewing!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Garry Point Park

Yesterday we visited the Kuno Garden  – a Japanese memorial garden in remembrance of the many fishermen that died out doing that dangerous job. Yikes! I just looked it up. Fishing is the second most dangerous job. The only job more dangerous is logging according to this list. Recruiting did not make the top 10 list of dangerous jobs. PHEW.

I also forgot to mention yesterday that I tried sea urchin. There was a fisherman on the pier who was selling the urchins and giving out free samples. He showed us how to cut them down the middle, twist the knife in and crack it open. Inside was the speckled yellow meat. He put about a tablespoon on the top of my hand (think salt before you slam a tequila shooter. That’s how you hold your hand) and then you slurp up the salty meat! It was actually quite nice. Very creamy and very salty. I was tempted to bring one home, but decided against it. I was still quite full from afternoon tea. But another day? I think I just may try it again.

But that was yesterday. Today? I started my English Paper Piecing Starburst sewalong put on by The Fat Quarter shop. It’s a very cute project. Here’s Donner helping:

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Cold or no cold, I was heading out for tea today. We had this planned for like a month, there was no calling in sick for this. Also, tea is good for colds! Aha! I’m a genius! I took some Tylenol, some cough drops and hit the highway to Steveston. I try not to take cold medicine unless I absolutely have to. It makes me feel all goofy and speedy. And that’s no way to be driving a car OR having tea.

We went to a lovely tea house called Adorabelle. AWWW! Cute name! And the tea house totally suited it. It was all white, pink and grey. We ate three layers of deliciousness in celebration of Lysa’s birthday! Hooray!

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A perfect specimen

Sugar pumpkin

My first little sugar pumpkin is very photogenic. I have it on the counter in the kitchen and just seeing it makes me smile. It’s sure going to be hard to cut into this little guy, but once the meat is baked up, it’s going to taste like heaven. Things I could make with this orange orb include:

  1. Pumpkin Pie – I make it every year with my Grandma’s pastry recipe. Delish.
  2. Pumpkin Butter – that sounds great! On toast! I could give this recipe a try with apples added.
  3. Pumpkin Soup – I’m usually not so into savoury pumpkin things, but it does have Cranberry Compote in it. I’m not so sure about the chestnuts, though. Have you ever had them? They’re kind of mushy. The texture gives me the creeps. I’d take a hard pass on the those for dumplings. EW. *SQUISH SOUNDS IN THE TEEETH*
  4. Spiced Pumpkin Biscuits – NOW you’re talking!
  5. Whipped Pumpkin Ricotta Dip – A contender for Thanksgiving Appetizer search of 2015! It’s a savoury dip for veggies and crackers.

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On a Gastown sidewalk

It's beginning

The sidewalks in Gastown are made of bricks. Pro Tip: if you have to walk in Gastown on a rainy DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear your Toms (the shoes). These bricks are very slippery so it makes for a very slow and stressful walk to your destination. Also, the shoes are cloth, so that’s not good in the rain. How do I know this? Done it. More than once. I took the risk until I actually walked a hole right through my shoes. True story!

Fall is definitely in the air. I had to wear a sweater today and I should have worn tights. My bare legs were pretty chilly on my lunch break and I think we’ll have to close up the bedroom windows tonight. Darn. But the good news is, I bought my first sugar pumpkin of the season today. Other than a Pumpkin Spice Latte, that’s pretty much the best indictor of Fall.

I feel I have to mention this, but we had an Amber Alert in BC last night and most of today. A little girl in Alberta went missing and she was gone for a several hours before anyone realized what happened. We saw the Amber Alerts all over the skytrain signs this morning and then on all the buses – the alert alternates with the digital bus numbers.

Sadly, tonight we found out the little girl was not found alive. There’s not too much information about what happened, but it’s been a very sad evening.

So sad.