Doing math

I loved the girl's blue hair

Today we drove across the border to the Excited States of America! We realized that perhaps crossing a border into a foreign country today may not be the wisest move (Poor Paris & Beirut) after yesterday’s events, but we went ahead anyway. Mom and C@th go home tomorrow, so there’s no time to waste.

The line up at the border was minimal – about half an hour and the Bellis Fair Mall had ample parking in the parking lot. Very strange. We got there around noon as well. I was expecting many more people. But, we took advantage of the elbow room and picked up a few things. This was where we rested and waited for someone to finish buying her smart work clothes in JC Penney. The decorations were all up and Mike even said he saw Santa in the Santa chair today. Whoa. Christmas season has begun!

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Comfort all around

It was a dark and grainy night

It was a dark and grainy night…these photos aren’t the best, but it gets the point point across. Tonight after a dinner of homemade ravioli, we hunkered down for the night in front of the Boob Tube and relaxed. The house was warm and smelled like baking when I arrived after work. I have to say, that’s pretty dreamy. Also, the kitchen was fresh and clean and the fridge was all stocked up. Again. Dreamy. My dinner was ready before I even took my coat off! Now that’s service. Mom and C@thy can stay!

Today we were all warned of a huge storm coming our way. It’s been pretty crappy out – like a regular November day in Vancouver. It’s just been so long since we’ve had ugly weather, I’m out of practice. But, once home from the pouring rain, snuggling up on the couch was a very good option.

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They’re here!

Mom & C@thy at the airport

I’ve borked my focus AGAIN! Thank goodness I took about 20 photos of these two arriving! Yay! Let the vacation begin. Oh wait. I’m at work tomorrow and the next day, but these two can vacation like nobody’s business in Newton of all places! PARTY ON.

We’ll start by going to see a movie tonight! Yes!

While we waited for Mom & C@thy to arrive, we took a little photowalk around the airport. I have to tell you, the most beautiful flight attendants walked past us in lovely pastel  blue jackets and scarves that were starched straight up, so their scarves looked like they were walking in the wind ALL THE TIME. But did I get a photo of them? Yes. Was it in focus?



We also stumbled upon a Remembrance Day display. It was small, but very effective.

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Dinner is served

Short and sweet.

I have been learning about the joys of cooking 1 pot meals – definitely the way to go. Food tastes delicious this way – the potatoes cook up nicely in the chicken juice along with the mushrooms. Delish! The recipe included the best tip of them all – squeeze a lemon over all of it before you put in in the oven. Drizzle with olive oil and let it bake in the over for about an hour. Also, it heats up the house because the oven is on.

I was thinking about the next few days and what we’ll be doing with my mom and sister. We pick them up tomorrow and we’ll be going to the US on Saturday. Usually we got to Jalapeños for Mexican food, but I think we should try a different place that is also en route to and from Bellis Fair. My buddy, Cathy, told me about a little diamond in the rough called Chihuahua in “Historic Ferndale”. It’s supposed to be THE best Mexican restaurant, well, ever in the history of all Mexican restaurants. We have to give it a try.

Let the excitement begin!

Murder a Pumpkin Pie

Murder a pumpkin pie

Me, too! I love to eat the guts of the pumpkin pie. Delicious!

My buddy, Tami, made this awesome watercolour painting. It’s so adorable. It’s about the size of a playing card. When Tami posted this, I asked her if I could please buy it. So she just gave it to me – she sent it to me in the mail. Capitalism! You’re doing it wrong, Tami! Sheesh! Anyway, she’ll get something in return from me. And I’m sure that something will include pancakes in some fashion. With extra crispy bacon.

Two more sleeps until my mom and sister are in town. My sister plans on making homemade pasta while we toil at work. Tragic! Me, coming home to fresh, handmade pasta! I don’t know how I’ll ever manage. Also, my mom instantly and magically cleans up everything she touches, so I’m pretty sure I’m off dish duty as well. Dreamy!

And in Christmas is coming news, I think we’re pretty close to having the snowflakes lining the street lit up. They’ve got the lights all installed and ready to go:

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Quilt As You Go and James Bond

It’s pretty rare I take a second day off of blogging – I usually stick to my 6 days a week blog routine. But yesterday? I took an extra day off. I had a glorious day at an all day quilting workshop learning how to Quilt As You Go.

Where we quilted as we went.

Jean and Ellen taught us several ways to make full quilts out of blocks of already quilted squares and rectangles. Quilting this way felt very productive because the pieces come together quickly. Or at least it feels quickly. It took me a few hours make this much:

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Fall leaves at night

Fall leaves at night.

By chance, I took a photo of the leaves in our complex after a meeting tonight around 8 pm. The leaves did not look quite this bright at that time, but in the camera? I think they look amazing – so colourful and shiny.

Other than a short committee meeting tonight, I am taking it easy. I’m still getting the hang of being a recruiter and it is really quite busy these days. I’m doing my best to keep up, but man, by the time I’m finished for the day, I am wiped. I’m still learning. Learning a lot.

Tonight we’re watching the Netflix and we watched a cool documentary about the Tiger Temple in Thailand. It’s amazing. The monks in the temple take in any tiger that people bring to them. There’s 16 tigers living amongst the monks – most of them were brought there as cubs after the mothers had been poached.



It’s a pretty cool documentary. I’d recommend it. And I just looked it up, I guess there’s lots of controversy surrounding the Tiger Temple. I’m just naturally inclined to trust the monks. What can I say?

And tonight, I will dream of tigers while sleeping with our mini-tigers on the bed. It’s pretty chilly at night these days, so the kitties really want to be where it’s warm.

“Because it’s 2015” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Donner helping in the kitchen.

Maybe this IS a political blog! This is the second post I’ve mentioned our new, cool, Prime Minister. Seriously. I have never been interested in Canadian politics ever, but now? I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. And we’ve been watching This Hour has 22 Minutes lately and I have been totally getting their jokes! What’s gotten into me? I have no idea.

Tonight I made some delicious, filling and tasty Wild Rice Soup. Donner kept watch from the counter across the way and he and his brother had a fine feast of all the gooey parts of the roasted chicken I didn’t put in the soup.

Oscar positioned himself near my feet so I would trip over him and also so he could easily get the scraps that happened to fall while I was peeling apart the cooked bird. Donner meowed and meowed for more treats and mostly slurped up the meat. It’s hard to eat without any teef!

Once I loaded up the dishwasher, Oscar took his space on his thrown.

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Where the pixies live

Where the pixies live

I found this mushroom earlier in October and forgot about it. I didn’t get out of the office on my lunch to take a photo today so lucky me! I found where the pixies live – which is right by the PNE (the Pacific National Exhibition) by the way.

It’s only Tuesday, but I am REALLY looking forward to the next couple of weeks. This Saturday I’m going to an all day workshop where we’ll be sewing and sewing and sewing. I won’t be able to sew an entire quilt in that time, but we are going to be making table runners in a Quilt As You Go way, AKA, QAYG. I’ve done a little bit of that before. The technique is pretty simple. You sew the top right on to the batting and bottom fabric at the same time. I should have cut up the pieces tonight in preparation, but was way too lazy for that. I’ve go tomorrow night to do it, so I’ll have to take care of it. I’m busy on Thursday and Friday night.

And then the week after that, my mom and sister arrive. We have November 11th off for Remembrance Day and it falls in the middle of the week. SO, my mom and sister will be here on the days when we’re working and this means, DINNERS WILL BE READY for us on Thursday and Friday after work!

I can hardly wait.

The Twinkle Lights of Gastown

The twinkly lights of Gastown.

Oh, the first day back to work after Daylight Savings time. I just love it. Firstly, it felt like I got to sleep in, so I didn’t even have to have a snooze on the train into work. The sun was up before me, so that was a nice treat as well.

This was the first day in awhile that I felt chilly in my jacket and shoes. Sadly, it’s that time again. Time to wear socks and do up my jacket. I’ve been wearing scarves for a few weeks now, so I’m already in the habit there. Also, today I could see my breath. It was about 9 pm tonight, but still, I could see it. As soon as I got home, I put the heat on in the bedroom. This is the first time we’ve put the heat on in months. I think Mike was hoping to never turn it on.

Not long after 5 o’clock, the night was rolling in and I took this photo on my way to meet some buddies after work. Gastown has all the trees covered in tiny twinkle lights all year round. I forget they’re there in the summer, but tonight they looked lovely. It’s two days after Halloween and I’m ready for the coziness of Christmas, I think. I saw some Christmas displays out already.

I don’t need to put out all the Christmas stuff, but I can totally get some warm and comfy things out in preparation.