Advent 2014 – Day 9, AWWWW! Wood Elves!

December 9, 2014

Wood Elf #1: Meredith! Please be careful with the Magic Christmas Owl! Meredith: Okay. Here you go, little owl. Sit right here next to your buddy in the red suit. Elf in the red suit: Here you go, little bird. Meredith: Hello, Wood Elves! How are you? Wood Elf in the yellow hat: We’re good. […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 8, Shhhh…follow me

December 8, 2014

Wait, did you hear that? Oh! I think I know what that is! Follow me! Just be very quiet. You don’t want to scare them! They scare easily… They’re wood elves. And they’re getting ready for Christmas. Oh man. My mom is not going to be happy about waiting for me. But we have to […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 7, Dave the Damselfly

December 6, 2014

Meredith: Hey Dave! How’s it going? Dave: I am SO full. I could not eat another bug. Bob, count yourself lucky. Under different circumstances, I would eat you alive in like 2 seconds! Bob the Butterfly: *Gulp* Dave: I am seriously trying to watch my weight anyway. I want to fly as quickly as possible. […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 6, Are those guys fairies, too?

December 5, 2014

Man, I have been reading this awesome golden book all about Las Vegas. Apparently this is a real place quite a ways a way from The Land of the Fairies. It’s also quite a hike from the Tooth Fairy Museum in Illinois. I don’t think I can sneak away while on my school trip to […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 5, A Golden Day

December 4, 2014

I am EXHAUSTED from my weekend job at the fairy dust shop. So much dusting to do. I also have to stock all the different dusts – silver, gold, bronze and the very limited edition, Tinkerbell Pixie Dust. That dust is a big seller. It glitters like diamonds or Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia! The […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 4, Last night I had the strangest dream…

December 3, 2014

I think I may have been reading too much about those fairy photos from the early 1900’s, because last night I dreamed that it was me visiting a girl in the city. In my dream, I could see lights, I could see cars and I could see all kinds of interesting buildings, but I have […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 3 throne up

December 3, 2014

This is my throne. It’s my favourite spot in my tree fort in White Tree Forest behind our house. My dad and I built it together last summer. I pitched in for the cost of supplies with my job, and he did all the heavy lifting and we both did the building. I love hammers […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 2, A Fancy Staff

December 2, 2014

So, I borrowed this from my mom. This is one of her many magic staffs (not staphs. OOF. Don’t google that. You’re welcome.). She has so many, I’m pretty sure she won’t miss this one. I’m just borrowing it. I’m don’t even know it works. All I know is that it will help on our […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 1

December 1, 2014

Hi. My name is Meredith. And this is my favourite spot in the whole world. After a long day of going to fairy school and holding down a part-time job in the Fairy Dust Store – you would not believe how much dusting I have to do – I love to climb up to my […]

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This Year’s Advent Prologue

November 30, 2014

But first, Mike with the Siegfried & Roy statue outside The Mirage. That was a dreamy hotel. The Mirage is where we saw The Beatles show. When you walk into that hotel, there’s a huge tropical forest you walk through to get to the casino, the theatre and other lovely shops and amenities. There’s a big […]

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