Who knew?

Domhnall Gleeson

I had no idea when I took Domhnall Gleeson‘s photo back in October that I would see him so much in the next few months. He was in Star Wars (which we’ve seen twice so far) and tonight we saw him the coldest movie of the year – The Revenant. Also, I had to look that word up because I didn’t know what it meant.

Revenant – noun – a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.

We just got home from that movie, and I have to say, it was amazing. However, I don’t feel particularly good after seeing it. OOF. That was tough. It was dark, sad and full of revenge and dead (animated) animals. Also, there was an incredible animal attack scene that is probably the best I’ve ever seen – which is a weird thing to say. Pretty much as scary and disturbing as that opening scene in Jaws. Tom Hardy was incredible and so was Leonardo Di Caprio. I won’t spoil anything. I can’t wait to see what happens at the Oscars.

This movie was long and I am up pretty late for a school night. My eyelids are heavy.

More tomorrow…

Hippy deodorant

Patchouli. You asked for it.

Mike mentioned a few times that he would really like to put patchouli in the diffuser. SNORT. Really? OH GOD. I think not. But he is adamant that he loves this this smelly plant. So, in an a, “be careful what you ask for” way, I picked some up today from a fancy essential oil company on Robson Street. I haven’t been on Robson in ages and lots has changed. The fancy store had 3 diffusors outside, so I could smell the essential oils all the way down the street. They served me tea and an immune strengthening oil thing that you rub on your forehead and under your nose. Actually, the girl that served me tea in the store put the oil on my face with a roller.

I felt relaxed. I should drink herbal tea every day. I think that every time I drink it. And smell lovely things all the time!

ANYWAY, I picked up the patchouli (GAG) and brought it home. I’ve not put it in the diffusor yet. I’ll save that for just before bed. I checked to see the benefits of using patchouli and found that it:

  1. makes a good deodorant (SNORT).
  2. repels bugs – yup. That makes sense. Even the bugs don’t like the smell.
  3. is eaten in some places – like a vegetable. EW.

I’ll be putting the teeniest bit in the diffusor tonight. It’s supposed to help relax and give you a good night’s sleep.

We’ll see about that.


Productive. Not exciting.

Bread. It happened.

Before I could even get the oatmeal out of the cupboard this morning, I could not stand one more second of the spice area in the kitchen. Or the baking stuff. Or anything in that cupboard. I had a big blast of productivity/cleaning attack and cleaned it ALL out. I pulled everything out, chucked out the doubles (so much fennel seed. Why so much? Also, 5 bags of icing sugar – 2 of which were half full and open. WHAT?) pitched out the stale cereal boxes and put it all back in the cupboard with room to spare. It didn’t take nearly as long as I expected it to. I should do a cupboard a weekend and I’ll have the most well organized kitchen ever.

Also, I found corn syrup from 2014.

Since I had a big clean up, I found some packages of quick rise yeast and decided to use what I had and whip up some bread. This is definitely the way to go – fresh bread in about an hour and a half. I used this super easy recipe. Now I want to try some whole grain breads – my favourite. The kind with lots of seeds and fibres in them. YAH!

While the bread was baking and the chicken stew was stewing, I headed upstairs to my sewing space, listened to podcasts and sewed this!

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18 inches in one day.

I sewed 6 whole blocks today. I hadn’t sewn a single block since last Saturday, so I had some catching up to do. I got them all done. I’m all caught up with the exception of redoing the bonus block. I can do that tomorrow since I only need to do 1 block. Yah!

6 X 3 inches = 18 inches!

Tomorrow I’ll get out my proper camera and take better photos. For some reason, it looks like I’m using purple fabric, but I’m not. Those purple pieces are dark grey.

I’m not sure why these teensy, tiny blocks are so nice to make, but they are. I’m thinking that part of it is because of my new sewing machine (Whoa. It’s a year old next month. That was quick!). The foot holds the fabric together very nicely under the foot, so there’s no sliding or slipping at all. This makes the sewing go by quickly (plus the pieces are so little, they sew up in a snap) and they make for nice, straight lines. For the most part, the blocks are pretty close to how they should look and I seem to be getting better and better at measuring accurately. I am also measuring as I go along to make sure I’m on track and the squaring them up carefully. So much of sewing is preparation. It’s kind of like painting in a way. You spend so much time cleaning and taping, and then, FINALLY! The painting! That’s how this feels. But it doesn’t take that long to prep because it’s all so little.

So that was today. I did not make my 10,000 step goal for the day. But, I DID sew 18 whole inches, so that feels pretty productive.

Editor’s Note: Just in case you’re wondering what the pattern for this quilt will be, it’s a 365 Challenge. Apparently, I’m making this.


We’ll see about that.


That is one happy camper.

Show and Tell at Quilting Bee night can be very satisfying. So is making the perfect quilt. I saw Tracey’s quilt and it’s awesome. I’d been happy too, if I sewed this excellent quilt. More photos to follow. I just have to edit them.

I am happy to announce that I attended the destash tonight:

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How long ago?

Back in the 80’s I lived in the Middle East with many Americans. We lived on a compound designated for all the employees and their families to live on (or in?) as my parents worked for an American oil company. I grew up there and had kinda of left that all behind me when I moved back to Canada to go to high school and beyond. But then I found the Facebook about 7 years ago and that all changed. I found people I went to high school with! And junior high! I guess in the last few years, I had found Greg on the internets and we followed each other from a great distance. He lives in Boston. Today, on the instagram, Greg was here! In Vancouver! For a work conference! What the? I was able to have a quick meeting with him today at the convention centre and VOILA! We meet again!

SO…of course I had to dig out our old yearbook to see what we looked like last time we saw each other. I found our yearbook from 1984 and we guess we saw each other last in 1985 or 86. So, the following photos are how we looked the last time we hung out.

This was Greg in 7th grade with feathered hair:

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Fancy diffuser thingie with lights

This Christmas I got some Amazon dollars and I bought myself a fancy diffuser thingy that is also a fancy light that switches colours. Here’s a selection of colourful night time lights.

Diffuser. With lights.

I have started a new nighttime ritual. This is it, broken down in steps.

  1. Once I get home from work, I turn the heat on in the bedroom.
  2. Put the diffuser on with the “night time” essential oils in it. It’s a combination of chamomile and lavender oils and it smells very lovely and soothing. I can set the diffuser for 6 hours and then it automatically shuts off.
  3. Turn on the new heated blanket we picked up with our Sears Christmas money. ZOMG. We were able to get the softest (micro fleece) blanket that is filled warm goodness. So soft and snuggly.
  4. Close the door to keep the heat in.
  5. Go to sleep in the dreamiest of all the beds. So warm. So soft.

Editor’s Note: We live in Vancouver, not in the wintery winter part of Canada. It barely gets below zero in our part of the country, so this may seem like overkill. Actually, typing it out, it really does look like overkill.

Oh well. It’s cozy, comfy. And…


Good night.

Chinese New Year update – The Year of the Monkey

Monkey? I guess so.

While cleaning up and putting away the Christmas Tree ornaments yesterday, I found my Chinese Zodiac decoration for Chinese New Year. I think the animal above the rooster is a monkey. None of the other animals really looked close to being a primate. And speaking of cleaning up and being a primate, guess who broke her toenail in half yesterday while moving furniture so she could vacuum around it? ME. It broke in half horizontally, so I officially have half a big toenail (the bottom half, specifically). It didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. But the, under-the-toenail-skin is pretty tender today. No photos.

You’re welcome.

ANYWAY, Chinese New Year is super close – February 14th is the Chinese New Year parade, but I think the actual day it starts February 8th. Early next month! And it’s a statutory holiday in BC on the 8th. I’d better hit Chinatown and see what’s happening at the Chinese Grocery store.

Here’s the whole decoration in all its glory. Hopefully hanging it on the back of a door is not a feng shui faux pas.

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The Whovian visitor

Cheggit. Those slippers.

Tonight we had the neighbours over to watch The Golden Globes. Heather, Mike and I had a  great time guessing who was going to win the awards and selecting our favourite hair, dresses and suits. Since Heather is a hairdresser, she NEEDS to see who is wearing what hairdo. But Patrick? Not so much into the whole award show thing. I think he just came over for the Macaroni & Cheese. He did come over in his adorable Dr. Who slippers, though. CUTE!

I did NOT get today’s quilt block sewn. For shame! And tomorrow is my day that I stay in Vancouver, so I won’t have 2 blocks done. OH GOD. I’ll never get caught up! ARGH! But I’ll try like heck to get 3 done on Wednesday. I have no idea how I’ll get them done. After seeing Christian Slater win a Golden Globe for Mr. Robot, we started watching that show, and WHOA. Can’t. Stop. Watching. It. It is so good.

I spent the day putting away the Christmas tree and cleaning up all the Christmas decorations. SAD. The house looks just like it did in November. But it’s all clean and fresh and the laundry’s nearly done. Except the back yard. That area needs a good clean. I could have done it today because the sun was out and the temperature was warm enough to have the windows open.

Looks like winter will be over before we know it.

Oscar is my Vanna

Chicken legs? Nope. Oscar legs.

Mike asked me to please make him a microwaveable fabric bowl so he could take it to work for when he makes himself some oatmeal. TA DA! I did it! And it was only my second try. My first try was pretty wonky, but this one? It worked! I’ll be making a few more for sure. I used this tutorial. And now I know how to make darts. DARTS!

And nothing would be complete on the internets without people posting warnings everywhere that these fabric bowls COULD catch fire in the microwave. So if Mike’s breakfast ever does go up in flames, I’ll be sure to let you know. I have another one that someone gave me and so far, no sparks. Just a bowl that doesn’t burn my fingers when I take it out of the microwave.

Oscar was helpful – as always – while I photographed today’s sewing accomplishment:

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