A busy hive of activity

This is the stairwell in the building of my new job. I work at 626 Pender Street in a 100 year old building. Apparently the heat is piped in to this building all the way from Canada Place under the buildings and the streets. There are lots of cool old things about this building – including different views of the city. I will be taking photos on my lunch hour for sure.

And today at my new job? Very exciting. I’m in the Student Services department of the VCAD – the Visual College of Art & Design. In my first 10 minutes of employment, an instructor came to our room to let us know his wife was going into labour and he had to go. Our office is a busy little spot with a steady stream of students and instructors coming and going. And there’s a graduation ceremony on Thursday to look forward to.

Oh, and there’s a sewing classroom in this school for the fashion design students. It’s dreamy. It’s filled with fitting forms and sewing machine after sewing machine in a naturally bright room. I’m not sure how I’ll get to finagle some time up there, but I will.

So far, so good! I am so looking forward to this.


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