Collecting tablecloths

tablecloth with giant cross stitches

I need to start a new habit of taking photos during the day. Over the last month or so, I got used to taking photos at night of little dolls. Now it’s time to get out during the day with my camera and see the sights during daylight hours. I start work at 10 am, so I could take photos before work (although, truth be known, I am not a morning person by any stretch) or I could take a photo walk for lunch before 4 pm. Seems to get dark around 4-ish, although, that will change soon enough. Days will start getting noticeably longer pretty soon.

I’ve been slowly packing up the Christmas stuff and tonight I pulled out a new to me table cloth I found at the friendly, neighbourhood thrift store. I found 2 of the same style – one pink gingham and this orange gingham. I have no idea if it’s handmade or not. It looks like it from the back, but I can’t be too sure. In any event, I love how they look and the big cross stitches in a pattern that reminds me of a quilt.

COOL linens

And there’s lace on the edges. CUTE.

Tonight for dinner I tried making pho – Vietnamese soup full of veggies, tofu and tofu noodles (they actually seem like regular noodles. Who knew?). I used this recipe by Jamie Oliver. It took longer than I expected to get together, but the end result was pretty good for my first try. I’m going to try it again. It seemed to be missing a little something. Maybe MSG? HA! But the roasted ginger was very, very tasty. And the lime was a nice touch, too.

I’ll keep working on that.

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