Double exposure on the skytrain today

On the skytrain today.

Today’s skytrain ride home seemed VERY crowded. Rather than getting irritated…wait. Let me rephrase that. IN ADDITION to getting irritated, I chose to take some some photos. Then I blended them together in the double exposure app in my phone, and voila! This photo pretty much represents today’s ride. The lady sitting in front of me (shown above) was wearing a beautiful poncho. And I have to say, this was a a pretty smart choice. Her arms were safely covered up by the wooly goodness (it really was a beautifully made poncho) and even though we were squished in like sardines, she was all covered very blanket-like. I have an awesome poncho my grandma made for me. I need to start wearing it on the train.

OH MY GOD! SO CROWDED! I guess I was spoiled over the Christmas break with all kinds of choices for seats. Man. Commuting is hard. All that sitting, standing, and sometimes touching other people’s arms and elbows. And listening to their work dramas of today. Sometimes I overhear things I wish I hadn’t heard. Oh well. I hope Michelle* stops being so passive aggressive. JEEZ.

Anyway, I was happy to get home tonight and get on the sewing machine to sew another three inches of happiness for my scrappy quilt. This is what I sewed up tonight:

Another 3 inch block.

This is my favourite square I’ve made so far. I think I may make a few bigger blocks like this. It is a super quick and easy and comes together so nicely.

*Please note: I have no idea who Michelle is, but SOMEONE on the train was very unhappy with her. I got to hear the whole story as she told her pal about some work shenanigans. #watercooler #officegossip

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