Easy as pie.

We just got home from the big 12X12YVR exhibition. We all got our negatives to take home, so I couldn’t wait to get home to use my new scanner. That was a well attended event! My buddy (and frequent commenter) Leah arrived and hung out with us for a bit. We stayed long enough to see the big reveal as to who won. There were 16 winners in total – 1 for best photo in each theme (that’s 12 winners there), 1 best photo of all , 1 runner up best photo of all, 1 winner for best theme of all and 1 runner up winner for best theme. There were lots of great photos – I’m sure they’ll be posted up soon. The winner of best picture was excellent – it was very cool portrait of a guy smoking. Also, Mini-Fig Monday Kenny swept with his theme all in Legos! It killed. I cannot wait to get started on my Christmas Lego set now.

I’ve scanned in few of my negatives and picked this one – theme number 11 – Easy As Pie. I know, it’s not very original – just buy a pie and rest it on a structure in Yaletown. But by this time it was hour #11 out stomping around in the rain, so this is the best I could come up with. The good news is that pie is in focus! Huzzah!

More good news – all my photos came out. 3 were VERY underexposed and a couple were cut off – that pesky viewfinder. I still need to practice with it. I’ll put up more tomorrow. I’m getting up early tomorrow with Mike to drop him off at work. He starts at 7:00 am. EW. I’ll head back to bed after I drop him off, that’s for sure.

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  1. Leah says:

    That was way fun on Saturday. It got a bit crowded for little old me, but that was fine, and probably good for me. I sure am out of touch with the downtown scene and looking at pictures! I got overwhelmed with over 700 pictures. It was lovely to see the winners all printed up big and mounted. Lovely eye candy.

    Kenny sure did practice for his series! Those are fantastic photos. I am looking forward to Christmass, but I think I will miss the Christmass toilet. Something about Christmass stuff being in the stores Already makes me appreciate a Christmass Crapper.

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