Family reunion

Thanks to the good thinking of Michelle, I brought Joy over to the Holt Renfrew Christmas window for a little visit with the others from her clan.

The family reunion

I love the Anna Wintour snowlady – the fasionista in Joy’s family. And then there’s the guy with the denim shirt and the belt. Who is he? And what is he doing at the Holt Renfrew store? [Just in case you’re not Canadian, HR is the high end store in town where they sell $2000 purses and t-shirts on sale for $99. Yah. I don’t shop there.]

I like the Gweneth Paltrow looking snowlady and the red head in the back. Joy’s family is very diverse and well dressed – just like the Village People.


  1. Leah says:

    Michelle, whoever you are, you are brilliant! That is absolutely Joy’s family. It is so nice of the Christmass bandit to have given Joy the money so can buy the clothes to fit in with her relatives! He must be a Christmass Robbing-hood.

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