Front, back and whales

Quilting Bee was pretty fun today. My favourite quote of the meeting?

“My daughter wants to marry Batman.”

“How old is she?”


So she made her daughter this Batman quilt.

Front, back, & whales

And she wrote on the quilt, “Always be yourself. But if you can’t be yourself, be Batman.”.

Wiser words have never been spoken.

So, today’s technical photography challenge came when I got to the meeting and realized that I had put the wrong lens on my camera. My 50 mm, manual focus only. CRAP. I missed a few shots, but was surprised that I got so many actually in focus. DERP. I didn’t bring any other lenses with me, so I had to roll with that punch. OOF. To myself.

Happily, I did get the whale quilt in focus. It’s so, so adorable.

I’ll have more quilty photos up later. My eyelids are so, so heavy.

In the meantime, BE BATMAN!

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