Grown in Canada

Wow. It just seems like the day before yesterday that the sun was shining and the temperature was so warm I turned off the heat for the season. Hey wait a minute – that WAS a couple of days ago. Today? I turned the heat back on and many of us were groaning about the cold, mostly. There were a few people mentioning the rain. But mostly, it was the chilliness. BRRRRrrr. Now, I know it could be worse, I believe it was snowing this past weekend in Calgary, and my friend in New Hampshire said they got half a foot of snow last week, so, a little cold in the air is not a big deal.

In the meantime, I’ll just look at these tulips until it warms up again – which, according to the weather website, will happen on April 7th. Hooray! This will give me plenty of time to stitch the Royal Wedding cross stitch.

Uh. This is taking a bit longer than expected. Miles to go before I sleep on that project.

Speaking of which…I’d better get crack-a-lacking!

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