Homemade & handmade signs

*Update: after I wrote this post, I realized that it’s probably not very nice to make fun of little kids’ homemade signs for hockey players. But I simply could not resist.*

Meanwhile, back with my bird’s eye view of the rink at Roger’s Arena, I could not help but notice the plethora of homemade signs for the Canucks. The girl holding the sign above, “Je t’aime Burrows” is even writing in his language, which, apparently, is the language of love, especially in this case [insert French laugh here]. I think Burrows saw the sign, and just as the practice started, he threw his hockey stick into the crowd in that area. That was very nice of him.

Of course, there were many signs for Luongo, including the big Luuuuuuuuuuu sign:

The standard, I *heart* Luongo sign, and I also saw a “Berto is number 1” which I do kind of like. I hear Luuuu a lot, but rarely Berto. That reminds me of Bert from Ernie and Bert, and then that reminds me of Bert’s eyebrows and then we’re right back to Berto Luongo. It’s a cycle of dark facial hair.

Other signs included:

“Ryan Kesler Is My Homeboy” – that just makes me laugh because after Ryan Kesler’s “Let’s get it on!” announcement, he’s my new favourite Canuck. And, he’s on twitter. So that’s cool. I’m sure he appreciates that. Also in this photo – the “Samuelsson = Awesome” sign. And totes to that. I also like that this person’s sign looks perfect from my vantage point. Nicely done! I also like this photo because I think that little kid is about to steal some cotton candy off that guy’s tray.

Next up, “Iceman Edler is Hot *heart*”:

I don’t think this girl holding the sign saw that documentary about the Ice Man Killer on A&E, so she doesn’t have that image of that creepy interview in her head like I do. I’ll give her a pass on that one.

And this brings me to the last two signs – one for Mason Raymond – everybody *hearts* him – which is pretty true. And the last one happens to be for Ryan Kesler again. And, unfortunately, is grammatically incorrect.

Oh dear. I really wish someone had told her about that before she left the house with that sign. That’s as mean as letting Peggy Olson give that whole Playtex presentation with lipstick all over her teeth on MadMen on Sunday.

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