I stepped on my sandwich

I made my lunch this morning, wrapped my sandwich in plastic wrap, and left it on the counter. Then I went into my craft room and sewed a zipper on my pouch, only to pull the zipper completely apart because when I cut the zipper to make it shorter, I didn’t sew a zipper stopper across the end of it. Unable to put the zipper back together again, I cut the whole thing off and will try again tomorrow, but with a magnetic clasp. I think I can get that to work.

I went back into the kitchen to grab my lunch, but couldn’t find my sandwich. Was it in the fridge? Nope. The counter? Nope. I walked back toward the fridge and stepped on my plastic wrapped sandwich. I guess I had left it on the counter and it somehow ended up on the floor – Donner and Oscar, I’m looking at you!

Since the plastic wrap was all intact, I decided to eat it anyway. It was just a little squishy. All I was missing was a mayonnaise jar of milk to wash it down with – Uncle Buck style.

And on my lunch hour, my purse broke. The strap completely came un-sewed to bag and WHAM! Dropped on the sidewalk. The good news is that my google phone was in my pocket. The bad news? My camera was in my purse. UGH. I checked my camera right away and it seems to be okay. I had an apple in there that seemed to have broken the fall and/or absorbed the shock. PHEW.

It’s been quite a day. “Somehow, never again.” is fine with me today. Thank goodness.

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