I told you it was dreamy!

I hung out in the sewing room after work today while a few students worked on their fashion design projects. I chatted with one of the instructors about the upcoming portfolio show – that’s in July. We’ve got meetings coming up to finalize those details. There will be interior designers, animators and graphic designers there as well. Awesome.

The sewing room is on the 9th floor and is lovely and bright. The one side of the wall is all windows – the old fashioned kind that you can lift up and really open. Fresh air for everyone!

The room is for fashion designers, so there are plenty of body forms all around – some are just torsos, some are little for kids clothes, and some have subtle bums and boobs. I guess they got a big donation of dress forms from a local company, that they are dotted around the school – some clothed, some nude.

On one of the fancier dress forms (the type that have New York forms on them) they don’t have legs, just stands, and at the bottom of the stands, I found this:

I think it’s a lever of some sort. A heart lever.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Ooooh dreamy! How perfect is that heart lever- probably a height adjustment thingie?
    What a fun place to work at, and explore and check out, inspiring!!

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