I warned them.

We have had a bit of a rotation of new tenants recently. Imagine our delight when we saw this veedubba van pull up to the front of the house. Mike and I actually changed out of our pajamas to run downstairs and meet them. I know! Nosy neighbours come running!

I warned them they would most likely see me walking around their van with my camera, and they gave me their blessing. Here’s a couple different views of the cute little van. AWW! Did you know it’s also known as Kombinationskraftwagen? I wish I had thought of that.

Those are my feet and those are the bottoms of my favourite pants. They’re capri length, dressy, and very comfy.

You know the best place to use the camper van? The Drive In. You can fit a few extra pals in the van (I know. Not honest. Sorry, Drive-In in Calgary in the late 80’s) and then you can put the tent part up and have everyone behind you honk and yell at you. Heh. What? We just wanted to stand up for for a few minutes IN the van.

Also, there was a little fridge in that camper.

Party time at the drive in!

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