I’m in the door knob

I found a fat, fuzzy, yellow bumblebee at the front door, but he flew away before I could get a photo. On the way up, I noticed myself in the door knob.

It was a lovely walk home from the bus stop today after work. Not only did we have a Canucks game to look forward to, but the weather was the complete opposite of what we had yesterday. This was yesterday:

It was dreary, soggy mess of a day. We were all pretty sure we’d never feel the warmth of the sun on our skin ever again. And then today?

Sunny, almost warm and the tulips in the neighbours’ yards are all on display. I need to look at this photo come September. Usually by the Fall I’m not interested in planting anything in the ground, but looking at all the tulips down the street make me wish I had! I’ll put it in my google calendar.

I started crocheting a purple pair of baby booties for Elinor’s baby. They want to be surprised on the big day so she and her hubby do not know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. I think this colour may be a bit too girly…but I could add a more boy-ish colour as trim if needed. I’ll show you when they’re all done. They whip up quickly! I finished one little shoe while watching the hockey game. Which, the Canucks won by the way – just one step closer to the Stanley Cup! Huzzah!

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