Learn to fish

Learn to fish

This morning we tried to go on an adventure, but it really ended up being Adventure Lite. After a tropical breakfast of pineapple, mango and toasted coconut on pancakes (Side note: mango is becoming my favourite fruit. I had it in a salad yesterday and have you ever had mango sushi? You should! It’s delicious.) we headed into Vancouver to 2 festivals. The first one was the Apple Festival at the UBC Botanical Gardens. We got all the way out there and WHOA. Where to park amongst all those people? HARD PASS. Too bad. I totally wanted to go to the Apple Tasting Tent and learn about the heirloom apples, but that was quite the crowd. Thankfully we had another festival to attend. But first, we stopped at a nearby park for a walk in the fall leaves.

In the leaves.

Another side note: I bought these shoes about a month ago. I don’t like them. They make me feel short somehow. But I always wear out my VANS, so I’ll just wear them until they’re worn out. They are comfy.

After a lovely walk around the park, we headed over to another festival that shall remain unnamed by me. I know how hard it is to run an event and when not too many people are there? It’s just brutal. Sadly this event was not well attended while we were there. I’m hopeful it will pick up during the day and it goes on tomorrow as well. Hang in there, guys! You can do it! But one individual was there and in the spirit of things.

Could it be?

Could it be?

Even Batman needs a sandwich.


Even the Batman needs a lunch break.

And I’ll just leave this here. I really don’t feel it needs any explanation at all.

Oh hai, Batman.

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