Bokeh leaves

Although it is most definitely fall, I wore shorts today. The temperature was perfect – it was warm and dreamy. The neighbourhood trees are all finally turning colours and the leaves are decorating the street. We are having a pretty lovely fall this year.


I think it must have been all the festivities and good times this week, but today I’ve been walking around like a zombie. I’ll snap out of it tomorrow because I’m making a turkey with all the fixings for Thanksgiving. I even bought Brussel Sprouts. Terrific!

Yellowy-orange leaf

I did do some baking today, though. I made these Snickerdoodles. They taste a little too vanilla-y, though. I found some ground vanilla beans and it suggested to half the amount of the vanilla with the powder – for example, 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder = 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. I think it’s too concentrated for that. I think I may just cut it to a third next time.

I also bought the most beautiful ornamental pumpkin yesterday. I’ll do a photo shoot tomorrow so you can admire it as well. It’s a light turquoise colour, super smooth and has several ridges. I found it at Safeway last night.

I’ll keep myself awake until Mike gets home by sewing the binding.

I know. It’s taking forever.

But soon! Very soon!

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