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by Carol Browne on May 1, 2012 · 3 comments

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I finally mowed the front lawn after work today. It looked like it could rain any minute, so I thought I may have to stop mid-way through. But no such luck. I had to do the whole thing.

But I did find some good luck out in the back “yard”. I use that word lightly because the back area of the house is mostly driveway and a long patch of overgrown plants and weeds and dead organic material. Every time I park the car I think I should really get out the weed whacker and just mow it down to the dirt. But not after what I spotted today amongst the Horsetails. These plants have been around since the dinosaurs. KOOL! Old school plants! I noticed a few last year, but this year? They’re taking over. It’s fine by me because when I was pulling the lawn mower out of the garage, a hummingbird flew out of those Horsetails! I had heard there were hummingbirds around our part of Burnaby, but I never expected to see one in our driveway!

So, while the back area looks like a jungle, I’m going to barely clean it up and see if I can spot the little hummingbird again. I think this means I should pick up a hummingbird feeder and start to camp out in the back area. I didn’t get a photo of the bird today – she was FAST – and I think it was a she because it was all brown, no fancy colours.

I also found this pretty plant in amongst the vines and stuff out back.

There were other small birds in the plants back there today – bigger than hummingbirds and smaller than chickadees. Maybe they are finches? We’ll find out soon enough!

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