May showers bring…

…well, June showers. I’m not sure you live, but where we live, it’s rainy, rainy, Rain City. I’m pretty sure it’s never going to be summer. Maybe I missed it? It’s time to bring the sweaters back out, carve the jack-o-lanterns, put the heat back on and light a fire in the fireplace. In celebration of “June-uary” here are some free downloads for you. Please help yourself to any or all of the three calendars for the month of June.

If you like sewing, please enjoy the gigantic spool of thread wallpaper.

June 2012 Calendars

If thread isn’t your thing (is it possible?), how about raindrops on hosta leaves? Cynthia’s garden is lush and green this time of year. Look!

June 2012 Calendars

As opposed to our garden, which is green and overgrown. For the good of the hummingbirds! Buttercups are pretty. And that’s my story.

Wait, there’s one more calendar. This amazing sunset & moon photo by Scout. It reminds me of Saudi Arabia. The crescent moon is a popular symbol in those parts.

June 2012 Calendars

I hope these calendars help you enjoy the month of June.

It looks like the cops on motorcycles will be on the blog tomorrow. I promise!

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