Nope. Not interested.

I could hear something getting batted around the walls in the dark part of the dining room. I turned on the light only to find Donner sitting like a kitty loaf next to a wooden spool. I decided to watch him to see what would happen.

As you can tell, he’s not interested in this toy at all. Nope. Nu-uh. Wheves. I don’t even see it.

And then, with shark-like reflexes…


He was grabbing that wooden spool with his teeth and claws like a bear mauling a lone hiker. Scary. I’m pretty sure if there was a mouse in the house, Donner would rip it apart, limb from limb, in no time. He’s a friendly little guy, but if he was as big as a lion, he’d be STRONG. And we would probably not let him share the bed with us. Actually, he probably wouldn’t share our bed with him, is more like it. Anyway, I’m glad this is not the case and Donner is the little strong man he is.

Also, here’s a helpful hint. Don’t google the phrase, “mauled by a bear”. Oof. You can thank me later for that. And always carry a bear bell with you when you’re hiking.

In other news, I’ve titled this work of art, “I’m not sure how this happened.”

I’m usually a pretty tidy person. I don’t usually let things get out of hand before putting things away. But for some reason, I am unable to get a handle on my craft room. I find it baffling that my room has become a fire hazard like this. The only time this room is clean is when my mom comes for a visit. This is ridiculous. This afternoon I opened the door to start putting things away and, instead, walked to bed and had a nap. I never nap. But this room, this disaster area, it’s too much. So I will try again tomorrow after work and start by putting away 1 or 2 things to start. RE-DIC-U-LOUS. That door is now closed.

I hope there’s no lost hikers in there. I don’t think the Search & Rescue Team could even find anyone in there – not even with their search dogs.

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  1. Monica says:

    My craft room looks very similar. I like the nap idea – I’ll have to remember that the next time I venture in there.

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