“Nothing to go on”

Tonight I am nursing one blister on the bottom of each of three of my toes – also known as – watching America’s Got Talent while editing photos from yesterday, here are two I’d like to show you.

1) The giant sparrow:

On yesterday’s almost 12 hour adventure, the fourth theme of the day (11 am – noon) was “expendables”. I hopped in the car – I did a few photos with the car – and headed over to the Athlete’s Village – the Olympic Village Condos. The weather was dreary and drizzly and that place was like a ghost town. I think I saw about 5 people in total. But the whole reason I headed over there was because I remembered an article Kelaine over at the Jolly Ranch sent me last month sometime. I had to see the big birds in person. They are very very cool to see in person. I would highly recommend you go have a look at this artwork commissioned by Myfanwy Macleod. And these days there seems to be no crowds getting in the way of all your bird watching fun, so that’s a bonus.

While I was there, I did get a shot for the “expendables” theme. They have some very cool compost systems placed around the complex that accepts what looked like diapers or underpants. Heh. Underpants compost.

Speaking of underpants, over on the North Shore, I found a sign that didn’t work for the theme of that hour – “The High Road”, but I had to take a photo of it anyway.

Please note: I did not put this sign on my blog for anyone in particular.

I’d never pass the lie detector test on the comment above.

Five-O! Five-O! Oh no! It’s the Po-Po’s!


  1. Leah says:

    Hum. I wonder if the giant sparrows will remind people of the fragility of biodiversity? I didn’t know house sparrows were introduced. I know starlings were and they are forcing out western bluebirds in the interior. Starlings must have forced out many native birds here because there are thousands of them. Learn learn learn.

    I love the toilet notice. I suspect most police would normally not miss the seats as they mostly need a urinal, but that makes the whole thing even more unpleasant for the few that do need the seats, even if it is just sometimes. Good thing they are fit.

  2. Emmery says:

    Hello from a fellow blogger!

    I love this exhibit. It is called “The Birds”. Respecting the eco-system and humbling ourselves to nature is always a good perspective to have.

    I wrote an article for the manufacturer if anyone is interested in ready how they were made!


    Happy Blogging!

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