Of course you don’t put children in the basket.

No children in the basket.

You put the lotion in the basket. Not kids.



*If you don’t recognize this, please be sure to watch The Silence of the Lambs. And be sure to watch it all alone, in the dark, for maximum effect. 🙂 I know. That was mean.)

This afternoon I took some photos of another LinkedIn client. I think I’m going to use that word a bit more now. Client. LOLS. So formal! This time the best photos came out based on a collaboration of sorts. I’m not much for posing people – I prefer to let the person pick his/her own pose and then I make tiny adjustments as needed. I really think the person will feel more comfortable that way. When the person made the suggestion to kneel down today, I thought for sure it wouldn’t be comfortable, but we tried that and guess what? Great photos! I was taking a photo above her, on a stool that I brought with me to the park. Whatever works!

Seems it’s time to do a blog post about prepping for a shoot, what to wear and other FAQs.

After the photos were taken, I went across the border for a Trader Joes run AND to pick up a couple of things for the moms for Mother’s Day next week. Yay! Mother’s Day! I also stopped in at Fred Meyer – hence the basket warning in español.

And in other news, how many casseroles can I make?

How much do I love this casserole dish?

I have officially run out of space for any new-to-me dishes. I’m going to have to rearrange a few things and/or sell some stuff at the community garage sale next week and/or make a trip to the thrift store. But this casserole dish? It’s staying right here. I found it for $13 at a junk shop in New Westminster this afternoon. It needs a little elbow grease on the the lid, but other than that, it’s awesome.

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