Oh, I made it to tonight’s game, alright.


Mike & I both made it to the Bladezilla’s game tonight and we pretty much had free range of the arena. I took many, many photos of the team. Most of the guys didn’t mind us hovering about and I even got some portraits done! Yay! My favourite.

Dewey, as you can see, did not mind us one bit. In fact, he he was quite cooperative!

One thing I missed taking a photo of? A player on the opposing team snapped at the ref and called him an assortment of unsavory names. Just after he was told to leave the game, he really dropped a lively few expletives. I was right there! I could have taken the photos of the player with huge mustache losing his mind. Instead, I just watched it all unfold in front of me. That was very selfish of me. I’ll remember for next time.

And this guy? So very, very tired by the third period.

Very tired. It's the 3rd period.

Speaking of tired…it’s time for me to go bed. It’s exhausting taking photos of sweaty men (and one woman on the other team) in a chilly ice rink.

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