Once there were songs

Photo re-take day at the office didn’t go as planned. And neither did the weather. It snowed today! But I missed it. It either didn’t snow downtown, just everywhere else, or it didn’t come anywhere near our office window. In any event, it was chilly and wet off and on all day. We ended up going out with pals tonight, so I took some night photos as we drove down 12th Avenue in the rain.

I’m not sure what the Once There Were Songs bumper sticker means, but I did find the lyrics to this song, but no video or anything to hear how it sounds. Too bad because those Limeliters sure were snappy dressers.

Further up the street we passed Vancouver City Hall all lit up.


Uh, yah, so overall, today felt like a bust. But not all was lost. Hanging out with our buddies ended the day on a good note. Tomorrow is a whole new day for photo taking and photo making.


  1. Mary Spike says:

    Hi, Likely you already know about this by now as your post is from 5 years ago! Today I saw the Once There Were Songs bumper sticker and I knew I had to know more. I found your post and then I found out that the song is called The Time of Man. There is a YouTube now. No video, but at least you can hear what the song sounds like. It is haunting, now more than ever.

  2. Ash says:

    Hi! So this is very old now but if you still want to know I went to community college in North Alabama with someone who helped create those bumper stickers. Yes, it is from the song but they were created from a small, local project (from 2010-11) they did together about songwriting and storytelling as a form of social responsibility. The student, their name escapes me now, also gave one of those same bumper stickers to our Literature and English composition professor after he asked about it when he spotted one in student parking.

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